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Ruth Kimbrew-Tucker

Chicago native, born to express ….born creative, music has always surrounded my life. Over the years the ability to hear has developed and the lyrics and melody come to me in night visions. I hear the arrangements in completed form. What began as a hobby, began to unveil as a hidden gift.

I have been connected to the world of performing arts in many forms including dance, drama, poetry, and fashion for most of my life. As a creative, I enjoy the process of bringing a song from embryonic stage to maturity. It is utter euphoria.

My artistic genome has familial roots in its connection to the historic acting career of my grandmother Lynn Hamilton, who I met along with my entire family including my mother Sharon in 2018. I don’t find it a coincidence that puzzle pieces are woven into the design of Dulaneyland as music and melody are pieces connecting us to that which is whole…a work of art.

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Ruth Kimbrew-Tucker

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