What type of Mic/Equipment/Software would I need to have at home to do this virtually?

There are so many options! I can provide some of the more cost efficient options and give a very quick overview of what they provide.

High Quality Desktop or Laptop (Apple products are amazing for recording)

Studio Condenser Mic (Example: AKG P420 or Rode NT1-A)

Mic Shield (Something to shield the mic from the room) (Example: Kaotica Eyeball)

Pop Filter (For Mic)

Recording Software (Example: Logic Pro or Studio One)

Interface (Example: Focusrite Scarlett or M Audio)

Studio Monitors (Speakers): (Example: M Audio BX 3 or KRK Classic 5)

Headphones (Studio Quality)

There are more items and add-ons needed, but this is certainly a good start!

As a client, will I be able to guide the sound of my record and communicate with my production team?

When you sign up, you will be assigned your very own Project Manager. The Project Manager is responsible for communicating with the producers and making sure they thoroughly communicate your needs!

Can you briefly explain how virtual production works? Would I have to travel to another city to record my vocals?

When we say virtual production, we mean that we make use of various web-based (internet) systems to help produce your music. Communication is essential to make this process work. That is why we strive to create a seamless client experience by assigning Project Managers to every client. Your project manager will communicate with via email and other apps to convey your preferences, approvals/disapproval and adjustments throughout your DLM journey. If you would like to have additional information, please refer to our brief DLM production tutorial here:

How often should I expect to communicate with my Project Manager?

DLM’s standard business operating hours are Monday through Friday 11am to 7pm Central Time. In fact, at DLM you have the freedom to message your Project Manager at any time of the day, any day of the week. We promise you that our communication will be efficient, effective and expeditious and we strongly encourage that our clients do the same.

How often should I expect to communicate with my Project Manager?

No! Rest assured that it does not start right away. There is a Discovery Zoom Call and an Onboarding Process prior to the start of production.


Yes, in short, songwriters should keep in mind that each song they write, and record exists in two forms: the composition (underlying melody, lyrics, and music) and the sound recording (also known as a ‘master’, it is the recorded version of the composition).

DLM Clients own their Master(s) 100%


A music publisher is the individual or business entity that owns and, in most instances, administers (meaning controls the exploitation of) those copyrighted musical composition(s) within its catalog. Initially, the original creator or creators of a musical composition are the publishers of the musical composition(s) unless and until they make an assignment of all or part of their percentage of the copyright in the original composition(s). In the case of music produced here at DLM our agreement with you is that retain fifteen percent (15%) of the publishing percentage. Our split sheet agreement shows how we assign our percentage.


Split sheet is a written agreement that identifies each contributor to a song and establishes ownership percentages amongst them. The agreed percentages determine how much each contributor will receive from the royalties generated by their music. Split sheets are necessary for every song you write with collaborators.

The DLM split sheet is an agreement about the publishing royalties for your song. It confirms the client/writer(s) retain 85% of the publishing, DLM retains 15% of the publishing. Your project manager can provide more detailed information.


As stated in your DLM Service Agreement, as production collaborators we retain 15% of publishing for all music produced by DLM.


Performance Rights Organizations (or as they’re commonly known in the industry, PROs) help songwriters, composers and artists collect performance royalties.

BMI and ASCAP are popular PROS and depending upon which one you ultimately decide to choose you may register to join directly on their respective websites by going to either

http://www.bmi.com/ or http://www.ascap.com/